John Swaffield, Plymouth Web Designer and IT Consultant from Devon, UK

I have over ten years professional experience of web and IT work. I graduated from the University of Plymouth with a degree in multimedia design and production.

I spent a year as a new media designer and then worked as a graphic designer and web developer. I’ve worked as an IT engineer and as a Marketing Manager, where I provided digital and traditional marketing expertise.

I am individually qualified in the Google AdWords Certification Program and I also passed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) exam this year. I have gained several other qualifications in my spare time, including PHP and CMA certification and the Open University’s Certificate in Web Application Development.

I’m currently studying towards a degree in Computing with the Open University, a valuable experience both in terms of learning practical skills and how to manage your time and priorities.

I’m married and I have two sons, which means I don’t spend all my time in front of a computer ;-)

My Open University qualifications

Degree in IT & Computing

So far I have completed programming courses in Java and Visual Basic, database theory, SQL language and Microsoft Server Technologies.

Certificate in Web Application Development

An excellent course covering the entire application development lifecycle with practical experience of client and server side programming, databases and web server configuration.

Read more about my Open University studies and the courses I have completed.

What I like

I like to learn and I like to be busy. I like it when technology is used to gain a real benefit and not just for the sake of it. I’m happiest immersed in HTML and CSS or digital marketing but have been fortunate to work on a broad range of tasks and projects. I like working with people who are enthusiastic, focused and happy in their work.

Degree in IT & Computing

2008 – Present
I’m studing towards this degree in my spare time and have already completed the Open Uni’s Certificate in Web Applications Development course.

Object-oriented programming with Java

The fundamental ideas behind object-oriented programming using the Java language.

Putting Java to work

A good grounding in many of the advanced facilities of object-oriented Java including inheritance, polymorphism, class libraries and the Java human-computer interface.

Relational databases: theory and practice

An advanced relational databases course, starting with database management systems and their facilities. This was followed by a theory of relations, underpinning topics such as data modelling and database architecture, SQL and the development of a practical database system. It also touched upon the role of JAVA and XML.

Designing applications with Visual Basic

More object-oriented programming, this time using VB to design and write small applications.

Microsoft server technologies

This course covers Windows Server 2008 Active Directory configuration and network configuration. The syllabus closely follows the Microsoft Official Academic Course (MOAC) used for the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist exams.

Design thinking: creativity for the 21st century

Students will gain an understanding of design, acquire new design skills and build a portfolio of design projects as a strong foundation for future study or work experience. This online course looks at common principles of design and ways of thinking that lead to ideas and creative solutions.

Certificate in Web Applications Development

2006 – 2008
An Open University course that covers the web application development process, including PHP programming, database design and open source development and versioning tools.

Web applications: design, development and management

An introduction to web application design and development including usability, HTML and CSS.
Result: Distinction

The client-side of application development

Designing and developing client-based applications using JavaScript.
Result: Grade 2 pass

The server-side of application development

Exploring the role of the server in web applications and using Active Server Pages to create dynamic Web pages.
Result: Distinction

Databases within website design

This course introduces database design using entity-relationship diagrams and the construction of queries MySQL and Cold Fusion.
Result: Grade 2 pass

Open source development tools

This course introduces the origins and aims of open source software, and its principles of software development and distribution. The course provides practical experience of CVS, PHP, MySQL and Apache.
Result: Distinction

Web server management, performance and tuning

This course explores the role of server administration and its contribution to planning, deployment, and management of a web application. It introduces tools and techniques to assist with capacity planning, monitoring of workloads, identification of performance bottlenecks, and security failures.
Result: Distinction