Plymouth Childminder

Childminder Web Site in Plymouth: Tanya’s Little Treasures

I’ve now launched my wife’s Plymouth childminder web site to support her new business.

I’m particularly pleased with the logo, which has a bit of a 90s computer game feel to it. The star is similar to the Mario Bros star coins and the rainbow is reminiscent of Rainbow Islands.

I decided against using a CMS for this web site as I’m sure my wife will be asking me to make any updates to it anyway! Instead its hand coded PHP to handle the server side includes and form submission/validation. As with all sites these days, this one needed to look good on mobile devices so CSS media query breakpoints alter the layout of the pages depending on the display width.

The contact form validation uses the visualCaptcha plugin, which is more user friendly than the standard captcha form fields. The drag and drop interface works well on mobile devices and is also quite playful, something that ties in with the childminding theme.

A simple leaflet that I designed can be downloaded from the site and I’ve made use of the footer space to promote Tanya’s Little Treasures’ Facebook page. I can see that Facebook could be a really good way of promoting a business like this, particularly if status updates are posted regularly and on topics that are of interest to other Plymouth mums on Facebook, such as weaning advice, things to do in Plymouth with children.

Once the site starts showing on the local Google search results then I hope this will become the main marketing tool for the business.