Bing Certification

Acheiving Bing Accredited Professional Status

I decided to start the year positively by achieving Bing Ads Accredited Professional status. A couple of years ago I passed the Google Adwords and Analytic certification exams so although I hadn’t taken the Bing Ads exam before, I had a good idea of what to expect.

I’ve used Bing Ads for a couple of years now and whilst it may not have the reach of Google Ads, it can be a really effective way of utilising your Pay Per Click budget. In comparison to Google it can be less competitive for some search terms. Passing one exam certainly won’t make you a digital marketing guru, however I felt working towards accredited status would improve my Bing Ads knowledge, which could give my PPC campaigns an extra edge, and demonstrates a certain level of competency and willingness to learn.

To achieve Bing Accredited Professional status you have to:

  • Accept the terms of the Bing program (i.e. check a box!)
  • Have managed at least one Bing Ads account and prove this by providing a Bing customer ID.
  • Pass the Accredited Professional exam.

Although I considered myself quite well versed in Bing Ads, I still read through the Bing Ads Courses provided online by Microsoft. These are free and written in bite sizes and easy to understand terminology. If you’ve read the Google Adwords equivalent then you’ll find the Bing Ads training is a lot shorter and it took me just a couple of evenings to work my way through them.

I then signed up to the exam, which is also free and requires a minimum of 80% to pass (I got 96%). The exam is similar to the Google ones but there is just one exam consisting of 100 questions. You can also pause the exam and come back to it later.

I found the exam reasonably straightforward with some answers being obvious, whilst one or two require some thought. There was a quite a lot of emphasis on the Bing Ads Editor and Bing Intelligence Tool, neither of which I had really used but had read up on. I completed the exam in one sitting, finishing it under an hour.

Once passed the accreditation is valid for 12 months and you can be listed on the Bing Professional directory. You also receive a PDF certificate and you are allowed to promote your new status on your web site and marketing materials with a Accredited Professional badge.

So a positive start to the year and a way of easing myself into renewing my Google Adwords and Analytic certifications!